by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote
— To feel the power of this text, place yourself in the “I” 🙂 —

I choose to notice what I want in my life.

I choose to see what I want to see.

The more I choose what I want, the more I will find it.

There’s no luck. It’s an illusion.

I will not accept the negative in my life. I will work my ass off to change myself so the world around me will change.

I use the power of positivity in my life.

I will notice the positive because I choose to do so.

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by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote

To feel the power of this text, place yourself in the “I” 🙂

In my head there’s the seed for greatness. I choose to help it grow or to let it sleep. No one can make that choice for me.

I choose to be consistent or not.

Success is never about luck. Behind any successful person, there’s a lot of hard work.

I can do it!

I can get it!

I have a dream and I’m moving toward it.

I’m doing my best to do better then what I did yesterday.

I work on my discipline to do what I need to do.

The right moment by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote

“I’ll wait for” is a way to say “I don’t want to take action”.

Action is the most powerful way to influence reality.

If you wait for the right moment, you’ll never get it.

If you wait for the right opportunity, you won’t be ready to move when it comes.

If you wait for the right people around you, they will never come because you are not an action taker. People come around people who takes actions.

If you wait for Luck, you’ll identify it too late.

Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.

Take action, don’t wait. Do something good and adjust according to what you want to achieve.

Achieving by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote

It’s always too soon to quit.

Quitters accomplish nothing.

Learn to keep working on your dream. Even if you feel desperate about achieving them.

We usually see only the achievement, not the work behind it. All the sacrifice and long hours that has been put into that achievement. Too many people think that it was easy. Some even dare to talk about luck.

Those who work on their dream can understand what has been invested into achieving anything great.

Be happy for the success of others. They show you that you can do it too.

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Stuck in sadness by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote

There’s no overnight success.

It’s a lie that has been put in front of your eyes to keep you from reaching your dream.

Why is there a big lie about luck? Because, there’s people who think that it’s better to keep you on the lower level so they can choose for you what your life should be about.

What they say: ‘Keep them occupy with their sad life and make them believe that they can’t get what they dream about. Let them dream, but build a shroud so they think it’s for others, not them. You’ll keep them stuck as they will keep on doing what you choose for them. The power will stay in our hands.’

Revolution is all about changing the way we live our life.

Revolution has always been seen as a bad things.

Have you seen the trend online about Positivity being toxic? It’s one of those trend that bring the shroud back in front of your eyes. Telling you that it’s ok to stay negative. It’s ok to keep being an angry and sad person. It’s ok to give up. It’s ok to snooze and be late for your life. It’s ok to let someone else choose your life for you.

In the end, it’s your choice.

If you are better with the feeling of sadness and regrets. Then, you should not waste your time reading this blog.

How you like to spend your time show who you are.

How much time do you invest on you?

Are investing all your dream into ‘Tomorrowisland’?

Your choice right now will bring you one step closer to your dream or not.

It’s simple, work on yourself right now so you can be the person you want to be tomorrow.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to start. Start right now!

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Lift up memories by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote

Use your good memories to build your spirit up.

« Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

– Dr. Seuss

You can create a powerful energy using those good memories. You can use it everyday if you want to.

You can always create new good memories.

That powerful energy will help you create new wonderful memories.

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.

– Victor Hugo

Good memories will help you build new dreams. And those new dreams will help you create your future.

You can also use an hanker to help you keep that memory close to you. Simply use a picture or any object that is linked to that memory and place it near where you often need to use that energy.

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2020 02 18 power

You have the ultimate power to influence what will come into your life.

If you expect things to be difficult, that will usually be the experience you will have.

If you think that you don’t have any power in your life, that’s what you’ll get.

Don’t expect someone else to bring good things into your life (sometimes it will and sometimes it won’t). Don’t expect anything from others if you think that you don’t have any power. Outside will always respond to the inside.

There’s no luck or bad luck.

There’s always a reason for everything. Even if you don’t know what it is, there’s always a reason.


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