by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote
— To feel the power of this text, place yourself in the “I” 🙂 —

I don’t want to waste any more time.

I want to take action right now.

I look around and I know that I’m not like anyone else.

I can do it.

Nothing good gonna happen if I stay down. I have to get up.

Easy or not

It’s too easy to say that someone else should do it for me.

It’s too easy to blame someone else.

I have to take responsibility for my life.

And I do know what I need to do.

I know that I will have to work hard.

I know that it will be difficult.

I know that I will make mistakes.

I know that no one else will do it for me.

I also know that many negative people will do all they can to bring me down (to their level).

My mind

I know that some people are oriented to do something against all odds.

I know that I can be tempted to take the road they present me.

Most don’t go behind what is presented to them.

I can choose my own path.

I don’t need to follow the path that is presented to me.

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