It’s an illusion to think you can live your life without any spirituality.


“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.”


It doesn’t matter what you believe. As long as you believe in something.


From Wikipedia:


“Modern systems of spirituality may include a belief in a supernatural (beyond the known and observable) realm, personal growth, a quest for an ultimate or sacred meaning, religious experience, or an encounter with one’s own “inner dimension.”


How can we keep going on if we don’t believe that we are doing something that is worth doing?


Without spirituality, how can we keep our hopes and dream for the future?


This is not about god. It’s about you and your life. Having something to drive ourselves into doing good is way better than doing whatever we want without any care of consequences.


Good life is the result of good actions.

In you


We are our worst enemy. Inside of us we’ll find the good and the bad in our life.


When we look outside for the keys to our happiness, we look inside of us.


You have all the wonders inside of you. That you get them or not is all about you.


What you think you deserve, you do.


You can’t lie to yourself. So, if you think you deserve, you really need to believe it.


I can’t give you anything you don’t deserve.


You can’t give away anything that is not deserve. So, when you feel the need to give, do it.


If you feel the need to ask, then do it. You’ll never get what you don’t deserve. That you ask or not, you’ll get it in some way.


Your path



People will doubt the path they are on even if it’s a sure path.


On a high way between two cities, you don’t need to know much more then how much time it will take.


You enter the high way in a city and you know that you will get to the other city.


Even if the road is simple, there’s people that will doubt and stop many times to verify if they are on the right path to reach the other city. Doing so, they extend the trip and turn it into a difficult one.


Start to believe and take action in the right direction.


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