2020 01 13 instinct

Your instinct will always tell you what the right path is. Follow your instinct. If you get the answer at first, it’s ok. Ask for an answer, then take some time to relax and do your best to send good energy. Send good energy to help others. As you do so, you’ll bring back good energy and the answer will come with it.

One of the best moment to ask for an answer is just before you went to sleep. Ask, and then think of something else. Focus on good things.

« Your mind may not know what to do today, but your heart does. Follow your heart.”

– Joe Vitale

In the end, if you do ‘Something Good’ for others, good things will come back to you.

If you think you are a victim of something bad, transform that negativity into positivity and use it to build.

Don’t expect a return. Give without expectation.

Change your life


To change your life, you got to change your life.


The change must come from inside.


You have to work on yourself if you want your life to change.


It all start with a decision. You’ll have to choose to change.


Face your fear. You’ll find yourself changing and people around you will notice. Some will be happy for you and some will do their best to take you back in line.


You’ll be aware of things you weren’t aware of before. As you change, you’ll find yourself into new situation.


Awareness of the opportunities that are around us will open doors that we never dreamed were there for us.


Believe in yourself and take action according with your instinct. Use your instinct not your fear to choose your actions.


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