Just do it

by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote

To feel the power of this text, place yourself in the “I” 🙂

I know that I have to face the bad so the good can come along.

I know that it’s an illusion to think that success comes from good actions only. There’s always some bad mixed in it. If I can learn from the bad, then I can create more good.

I work every day to do better then the day before.

I get up and take action.

I know I will face some brick wall. I know I will have to work hard.

I’m great and I know that I will build my dream.

I will keep going on.

Discipline to act

by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote

To feel the power of this text, place yourself in the “I” 🙂

I already know what I should be doing today.

I can face it or use excuses to do something else.

In the end, I’m the one who will choose.

I will discipline myself to do what I should or I will face the pain of regrets.

I believe in myself. I know that I have to take action. I know that I can find good excuses to do nothing. I know that in the end it’s all about my choices.

Where do I want to be in a year?

Great Quote by German Proverb

We use fear to justify our innaction.

In the end, we make stories about the great monster that stopped us from reaching our goals.

If you let fear rule your life, you’ll end up with a lot of regrets in the end.

Face fear


Taking action is doing what need to be done.


Fear is keeping us from taking action and go for our dream.


“Your wealth is hiding under the very thing you are afraid to do. It’s time to face your fears and take action. Expect Miracles.”

– Joe Vitale


Face your fear or give up on your dream.


Your dream will become if you take action. Nothing will happen if you stay stagnant.


“The best thing to do is stare it in the face and move on. We have to face our fears and plow through. I think taking chances takes a lot more courage than staying stagnant and doing what’s safe and comfortable.”

Terri Clark

This is why some people live their dream and others don’t. They take ‘Actions’ when their fears tells them to stay stagnant.


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