by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote
— To feel the power of this text, place yourself in the “I” 🙂 —

Better than knowledge is applied knowledge.

I can be consistent and apply the knowledge I have.

I can be great.

I use all my failures to be better.

I can build great projects.

I’m the master of my choice.

In the end, I’m the master of my life.

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Use Positivity

by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote
— To feel the power of this text, place yourself in the “I” 🙂 —

I use positivity as a tool.

I use it in my everyday life so I can focus on finding useful ideas.

My positivity is for me.

I don’t need to impose my positivity on people who want to stay negative.

I know that it’s a personnal choice and I respect it.

Influence by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote

Nothing comes free.

What am I willing to give?

There is no shortcut!

There is now easy way!

I will have to give away first!

I can give away without any hope of getting anything back.

I can help others without asking for anything in return.

I know that all the good that I put in the world will come back to me.

No one can choose for me. I have to do it on my own.

I am in charge of building the world around me. What ever I do will influence this world. Even when I think there’s will not be any influence from what I’m doing, there is. Even if I don’t do anything, I still have an influence on what I’m conscious it’s happening.

No one will do it for you.

I can!

I will!

I must!

Get ahead!

Stay focus!

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