by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote
— To feel the power of this text, place yourself in the “I” 🙂 —

I will be silent when facing negativity.

I will be silent when things don’t work as I want.

I will save my energy for my next action.

There’s no good to make noises about mistakes.

I can’t change them.

I silence my doubt.

Noise will only bring useless energy.

I will only vocalize my hopes and dream.

I can build my dream.

I have to use my energy wisely.

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Great Quote by Buddha

You know when you are with the right person when you don’t feel the need to fill the silence with words.

Silence is separating people when something need to be said and isn’t.

You can say what you have using words that will not attack others. There’s always a way to keep the peace. It’s up to us to make the effort of doing so.

There’s no justification in using truth to hurt someone else. Remember, truth is relative to perception. Each of us have a different view of the truth. Stop expecting to have the only right way to see the truth.




In silence.


Center yourself and create.


Don’t be afraid of silence.


Sometimes, you say a lot more when you stay silent.


People know what you mean even if you don’t say a thing.


Respect silence. Use it wisely.


There’s power into silence. For good or evil, it’s all up to you.


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