by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote
— To feel the power of this text, place yourself in the “I” 🙂 —

I’m in control.

I choose what I do. And I’m ready to do better than what I did yesterday.

I take responsibility for my actions.

I’m sorry for all those who wait for someone else to save them.

Life is not fair. You will face set back.

It’s ok to fail when you choose to learn from it.

I unlock my motivation. It’s there inside of me.

I’m capable of great things.

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Understand by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote

No one can really understand what you are living. No one can be in the same exactly situation and perceive it as you do.

It’s an habit to say that you can understand what others a living.

If you really want to be nice with someone, be there to listen and acknowledge the pain they experience.

“I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception.”


Be the rock that will give stability to someone who’s in pain.

“No matter what, you will never understand someone’s pain, until you’re the one feeling it.”


Even if you experience something similar, you’ll never experience exactly the same.

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