Simple by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote

Find a way to explain yourself in simple words.

Be clear and direct without turning it into a dissertation.

“A vocabulary of truth and simplicity will be of service throughout your life.” – Winston Churchill

A good presentation is short and to the point using simple words.

When you just don’t have the right words to explain yourself, it means that you need to take more times and keep working on it.

What if you don’t have more times?

Do your best with what you have and keep on working on it until you turn it into something better. Even if you feel like you are no longer in need of working on it.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

When will I know it’s enough?

When you’ll feel it is. Listen to your instinct, it doesn’t lies. Just be sure to differentiate it from your ego.