by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote
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Perception change what we perceive.

Who we are is affecting our perception.

Science did prove that our mind will build what we see from the bank of images that we already have in our brain. So, If we really want to perceive what is in front of us, we do really need to stop and focus our attention on it.

I can change reality only by choosing to focus on one thing instead of another.

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Control your life


Do you have difficulties concentrate?


Is it difficult for you to get a lot of work done?


Consciously understand on what you spend your attention. Is it related to your goal and dreams? What “isn’t” related to your goal and dream, put it aside. You need to say ‘No’ to stuff that are just a waste of your attention.


« Things that controls your attention, controls your life. »

Darren Hardy


Choose to focus on what needs to be done in relation to your goals.


You don’t have an unlimited pool of attention. You need to choose wisely on what you spend it. Because it will never come back.

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