Adjusting for success


Being stubborn is a quality when it is in relation with someone who’s reaching for his dream. Being stubborn is good when you adjust the way to reach your dream. Adjusting is part of the process.
“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

– Confucius
Slow and steady will get you there. Don’t give up on your dream.


Finish what you start is the way to greatness. No slackers ever gets any respect or great results.


It doesn’t matter how long you took to get there. Once you are, every people will think it’s an overnight success.
“Anyone who wants to sell you overnight success or wealth is not interested in your success; they are interested in your money.”

– Bo Bennett
Stay away from the people who tells you that they can make you rich overnight. Once you have paid, they’ll leave you there. They’ll go sell their false hope to someone else.


Author: mage1999

Have been surfing the web since 1998. Living in Quebec City. I'm a serious business builder. I'm all the way online business builder. I never been this happy with a business. I don't think that you can find something as great as my online business. Something that you can start for free and build your way into profit with so little work. Take a look at my CTP profile (The link is in my "profile links"). I'm a roleplayer (pen and paper). I like the World of Darkness, Warhammer, D&D, Call of Chtulu and many more rpg. I like to read and write. Mostly fiction from horror to science fiction. I collect movies and tv shows about vampire. My first language is French. I live in a town where you can live your whole life without using one word in English. :)

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