Why ‘From Mage Mind’ is set up like this?

From Mage Mind is a blog created by Serge ‘Mage’ Cote.

short Post

I think that in the time we are living in right now, people are used to short text and fast reading. Yes, most writers still write very long text as it was the standard in the old days. I live in the present and I don’t like very long text that didn’t bring anything more then filling up lines. Put the good stuff in short post and let all the filling to the fat useless book.

Great quote

I like quotes. I think that you can find a quote to represent what you’re thinking at the moment. Out there, there’s tons of quotes from all kind of people. For me, a great quotes is all about what it means. I like short quotes because I think that if you can’t resume your thinking in less than 10 words, than you need to think more about it.

power word

The concept of the PW is to put powerful lines as if you said it. They can be use as desktop on your computer or screen saver. You can also print them and put them on your wall. They are there for you to bring good energy in your life.

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